Stories edited and coverage supervised
by Virginia Baldwin Hick


July 25, 1999

"Meetings here will bring world's top experts on botanical issues," By Robert Steyer.

July 29, 1999

"Scientists hold spirited debate on the rules for naming plants," By Adam Goodman.

Aug. 1, 1999

"Environment and business come to terms," By William Allen.

"Hero for the Planet" has found a home here – and sees hope for a place for everything," By William Allen.

"Why do we care about plants?" graphic

Aug. 2, 1999

"Plant science center breaks ground today," By Robert Steyer.

"Danforth Center's director took job for its promise of independence," By Robert Steyer.

"Botanical congress' first day focuses on environmental issues," By William Allen.

Aug. 3, 1999

"Pollen study dates shroud to 8th century," By Michael Hines.

"Scientists paint a grim picture in report on world's oceans," By William Allen.

"Preservation plan aims to slow down plant extinction rate," By Robert Steyer.

"Headed for extinction?" graphic.

"Professor basks in 'nirvana' at Washington U. while fulfilling dream of working with plants," By William Allen.

"Danforth Center's promise is hailed at groundbreaking," By Terry Ganey.

Aug. 4, 1999

"Genetically engineered rice could fight malnutrition, Swiss and German researchers say," By Robert Steyer.

"West African plant could cure Ebola virus, scientist says," By William Allen.

"Plant hunter roams globe for new genes," By William Allen.

"Biotech supporters must respect consumer choice, professor urges," By Robert Steyer.

"The art of developing new drugs from nature," graphic.

Aug. 5, 1999

"Genetic research shows that fungi are more closely related to animals than to plants, scientists say," By William Allen.

"Odd inquiries inspired SLU botanist to write book on flowers for public," By William Allen.

"Funding lags behind advances in using plants to clean Earth," By Robert Steyer.

"Chicago professor will become director of England's Kew gardens," By William Allen.

"Scientists warn of poisonous algae risk," By Adam Goodman.

"Research is flowering in the great gardens," By Marianna Riley.

Aug. 6, 1999

"Not all endangered species are animals, botanists say," By William Allen.

"Teachers must get students involved in science, experts say," By Michael Hines.

"Attendees air ethical concerns about biotech," By Robert Steyer.

"UMSL botanist studies crop sexuality, seeks ways to reduce plant sterility," By Michael Hines.

"Dinosaur-age flora differ little from that of today, scientists say," By William Allen.

"Developing insect-protected potatoes," graphic.

Aug. 7, 1999

"Scientists learn from others at plant congress here," By Michael Hines.

"What do all these scientists have in common?" graphic.

Aug. 8, 1999

"Plants' extinction can only lead to ours, scientists say," By William Allen.

"Botanists seek huggable 'panda' of plants, but pungent species proves search could be tough," By William Allen.

"Reunions, naps, baby talk pepper International Botanical Congress," By William Allen.

"Scientists seek agency to help plants headed for extinction," By Robert Steyer.

"Botanists debate ethics around the use of plants valued by indigenous cultures," By Robert Steyer.

"Animal T-shirt designs sell well with botanists," By Robert Steyer.

"Highlights from last week's International Botanical Congress," staff.